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How Satoshi Spends His Money
leader, fishing
Just Fiction :)))))
Ahh sorry for my Engrish [edited]

Original Idea by Sarah Andersen

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Kawaii!!! (>_<)

Can you make for other members as well please? (♡.♡)

Yes, I want to do it~ ^^
Do you have a story for other members?
I'm looking for ideas <3

waahh arigatou!!!

aiba=sports or animal? i'm not sure. he's so mysterious.

LOL! too funny and cute. Love it!

Ehehehe~ Thank You~ X3

ack~ I looove Sarah Andersen's work and I love Arashi, this made my day!

Yaayyy, I love her works too~

I love it!!!
Please, can you make it for MatsuJun?
As far I know, maybe... he spend a lot of money in clothes and fashionable articles! And recently, in articles for his bonsai tree!
He likes the pasta for food, and spend a bit in households items.

Thank you~ ^w^/

Maybe, I will~
*save the Matsujun info*

lollll great painting!love it

lolllllll satoshi only spends his money on the fishing

Re: lollll great painting!love it

Aahahah Thank you~ XD
Yes he is!

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